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TRANSDIALECT.COM goes online with new web design optimizing ...
01-02-11 [Greek only]
H συνεργασία των Kέντρων Ξένων Γλώσσων με το ευρύτερα γνωστό ...
27-01-11 [German only]
Eine Lernmethode die den Kulturenerhalt fördert und ...
The Foreign Language Centers TRANSDIALECT.COM cover a full range of services in the field of foreign language teaching and multilingual communication as well as language holidays and language camps and offer so of course numerous standard courses, but have been - also due to the existing know-how in specialist industries - specialized in professional language courses for professionals. These include in particular doctors and other health and care professionals, lawyers, entrepreneurs, IT experts, engineers, but other subject areas too.

The approved TRANSDIALECT.COM method is a on (professional) linguistic and cultural correlation and conversation based foreign language learning method.

Thanks to this - from founder Mr. Theodoros Vas. Tzimas inserted - unique training method, which will expand with modern, interactive and multimedia teaching materials, people from all age groups and life areas discover and learn new cultures and new languages.

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"Meine Erwartungen, die ich an die Schule hatte, wurden von Anfang an erfüllt. Ich fühlte mich vom ersten Tag an willkommen, und das Kursniveau entsprach voll und ganz meinen Sprachkenntnissen...."
Chris P.
"I absolutely love my course! I have learnt a lot on this and enjoyed every day when I was in class. Especially, because I had the chance to improve my listening and writing skills by doing a lot of practice here...."
Jenny H.
"Meiner Meinung nach haben die Lehrer hier nicht nur das Talent,  ihre Sprachkenntnisse zu vermitteln, sie schaffen auch noch eine lockere Atmosphäre im Unterricht...."
David J.